Provant Health Boosts Flu Immunity for Employees Across the U.S.

March 6, 2018 at 8:00 AM EST

OLATHE, Kan., March 06, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Provant Health announced today that its convenient influenza vaccination (“flu shot”) options for employers have resulted in nearly 100,000 workers across the U.S. being immunized against the flu this season. Hooper Holmes, Inc. d/b/a Provant Health (OTCQX:HPHW) is the largest publicly traded, pure-play health and well-being provider in the U.S.

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Provant Health’s Chief Medical Officer David Ashley, M.D., says, “Flu vaccinations are the most effective way to protect people against the virus. Not only are they the best defense for preventing the flu, vaccinations can also reduce the severity of the flu, if someone does get it.”

“In any work environment, whether it’s an office, a manufacturing plant, a retail store, or a public setting, the flu virus is very contagious,” notes Ashley. “In addition to the virus being spread at least six feet when someone sneezes or coughs, the virus tends to settle on surfaces and survive for hours or days. That means people can become infected even after someone with the flu has left the area.”

The extensive spread of the virus makes it critical to prevent the flu in the first place. This flu season, 80 percent of people who have come down with the flu did not get vaccinated. To increase the number of employees getting immunized during the 2018-19 season, companies are already arranging for flu clinics and off-site flu vaccination services.

Studies show that among the reasons people do not get immunized is the inconvenience of getting a shot. Provant Health addresses that issue by offering easy-to-access flu shot options:

  • On-site flu clinics on every company shift, with Provant Health handling all aspects of the clinics: from registration to supplies and staff to disposal of materials to end-of-program analysis reports.
  • Flu vouchers for vaccinations at retail pharmacies for employees who are unable to attend on-site immunization clinics. Provant Health partners with tens of thousands of retail pharmacies across the U.S., making it quick and easy for individuals to get flu shots.

The Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC) has estimated that companies lose approximately $10.4 billion in direct hospitalization and outpatient visit costs every year.

In addition to direct health care costs, businesses take a huge hit as productivity is lost when employees are sick. The severity of the 2017 – 18 flu season caused Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc., an employment consulting firm, to estimate productivity losses will reach more than $15.4 billion across U.S. companies. The firm has predicted that more than 18 million working Americans will miss at least four eight-hour shifts due to the flu virus.

While productivity decreases when employees are out of work due to the flu, it does not help the company to have sick employees come to work.

“The bottom line,” says Provant Health’s Ashley, “Is that companies can fight health care costs and loss in productivity by providing flu shots to their employees.”

Flu vaccination programs are part of Provant Health’s comprehensive workplace well-being solutions. To learn more about these convenient immunization programs and our other health and wellness programs, contact us at

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