Hooper Holmes Announces Rebrand to Provant Health

January 23, 2018 at 8:00 AM EST
New branding reinforces the company’s unique position in the health and well-being marketplace

Olathe, Kan., January 23, 2018 – Hooper Holmes, Inc. (OTCQX:HPHW), the largest publicly-traded, pure-play well-being leader in workplace population health and clinical research support services, today announced the company’s rebrand to Provant Health, effective immediately. 

Chief Executive Officer Henry Dubois said, “Since Hooper Holmes joined forces with Provant last May and created a company with deeper and more extensive experience in comprehensive well-being services, we have come to recognize that merging our brands necessitated branding our merger. Talking with customers and partners about their needs, integrating processes and teams, effecting synergies, and planning our future growth, reinforced our belief in the power of a refreshed brand name.”

“In addition to our plans for the expansion of products and services, findings from third-party research led to the selection of Provant Health as our new brand. The name speaks to our current product portfolio and the markets we serve, and to our strategic intent and long-term growth,” stated President Mark Clermont. “Provant Health’s new branding enables the company to stand out, not only within the health and well-being marketplace, but also in the evolving healthcare industry.” [Henry Dubois and Mark Clermont discuss the rebranding.]

Provant Health’s current end-to-end services, combined with strategic, customized solution designs and advanced analytics, makes it simple for organizations to meet their well-being needs with one experienced account manager administering their program.

As the healthcare industry is being transformed by mergers of companies who provide disparate services, Provant Health is in an exceptional position to augment those services. Provant Health is part of broader industry trends to make it easier for organizations and employees to access proactive and personalized care. 

Company Profile
Hooper Holmes, Inc. d/b/a Provant Health, is a national leader in comprehensive workplace well-being and clinical research support services, with a growing global presence. The company partners with employers and brokers to improve members’ whole-person health and productivity, and to support healthcare cost management. Provant Health touches millions of lives by delivering customized well-being strategies and services on-site, telephonically and digitally, utilizing advanced data management technology. The company’s innovative platform includes flexible program designs, incentive management, biometric screenings, health coaching and condition management, data analytics, healthcare advocacy, and a portal that serves as the hub for program activities, benefits, communications, and specialty experts. In addition, Provant Health’s national network of health professionals provides laboratory testing, risk assessment and sample collection
services to wellness and disease management companies, employers and brokers, government organizations and academic institutions nationwide. Provant Health will continue in the marketplace for over-the-counter stocks as HPHW (OTCQX:HPHW)   www.ProvantHealth.com

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